Saturday, August 9, 2014

Clean Slate: Yours Truly-Kyle

Hello there! I've recently created(more like revived) this little space in the internet. I'm really thrilled to start it out again, and I'm very much looking forward to personalize this space. To let you get to know my blog a little bit more, I'll start off with a short back story and then I'll list a couple of things I want to go over, and then I'll babble about random things. I hope you enjoy your short stay in my little bubble of thoughts.

I made this blog last October 2013, but I haven't really been active. The last post I made was on January 31 of this year. I think I made about 13 posts then forgot I even had this blog because I was so distracted with all my school work(having quizzes everyday is no fun). 
Last summer, I made a blog with my sister which you can visit here. We made that blog last July 1, and we're pretty elated with it. So far, we've only posted OOTDs, but we're hoping to have various categories of posts soon. 
I decided to revive this little blog of mine because although I love sharing a blog with my sister, I liked the idea of having my own personal space in this place where most people like to procastinate also known as the internet. Don't worry though, because my sister and I won't stop posting on itsksquared. I'll mostly focus on posting on this blog, but I won't deviate from my other blog.

And now, let me welcome to you my personal blog- Yours Truly-Kyle!

Naming: I wanted to give my blog a unique name, and I wanted it to have my name on it since this is a personal blog after all. When writing blog posts, I always feel like it's my own personal letter sent to the internet for other people to read. What did I do next? Ariana Grande inspired me to sign it off with the closing signature 'Yours Truly', and I added my name so that makes 'Yours Truly-Kyle'. I originally wanted my URL to just say, but seeing how it's not possible since there is already a blog named like that, I just added a hyphen symbol.

Design: I guess I can say I'm a web-designing enthusiast(though I don't want to pursue web designing when I'm older). I've started experimenting with codes when I was around 11, and I'm still learning. Have you ever tried to improve your layout/anything like that, but instead of making it better you ended up butchering it? Been there done that(sooo many times). I'm really happy I didn't give up on coding when I was younger as I know I'd probably get so frustrated with trying to make a layout now! 
I'm really happy with how my layout turned out for this little blog. I mainly used two of my favorite colors-pink and black. I actually wanted to use a whole color scheme of pastel colors, but I didn't want to the layout to be distracting and so light-colored so I toned down the colors a bit and decided to go for a more minimalist look. I didn't add a social media subheader in my sidebar since I'm not linking any of my social networking accounts to this blog, but if you're interested in it, I can add it later on (=.

Content: So, what really do I plan on posting about? Mainly, I'm not really planning on sticking with a certain category(example: just posting about OOTDs), I'm a really random person so I'm basically just going to post posts in random categories(hauls/ootds/tutorials of any sort/life updates/baking adventures etc(that's all I can think of for now haha)). If I end up with a bunch of categories, I'll definitely make a section for it and throw it somewhere in my sidebar.

Goals: I guess one of my goals for my blog here is to post often. By that, I don't mean posting everyday because there's about 0.01% chance I'll be able to keep up with that schedule since I'll most likely forget about posting plus I'm super lazy. I'll also keep in mind to work on the contents on my posts as I prefer quality over quantity and so do most people. I'll also try to keep my hiatuses to a minimum level. I'm usually busy because of school stuff, and I'm trying to keep my grades up so that's the main reason why I go on hiatuses.

Anddddd that's all! I know it was a pretty mid-length post, but I had so much to say about my *new* blog. I'm reaaallyy excited as you would've probably noticed. So now, I'm off to memorize a piece for my Filipino class. Byeee!


  1. Great to have you back, I'm in school also but right now I'm working on pre-writing, a writing schedule is an imperative, weekly is best I feel! Of course I followed sweetie also would you be able to help me with my banner?

    Jennos Health.

    1. HI! To be honest, I'm not really good with graphics and such, but I'll try to help you during the weekends(which for me is Fri-Sat). (= x

  2. Good luck on your goal! I look forward to reading more and more posts in the future.

  3. omg, love the layout. I started with codes at school to, but only HTML and stuff and not very professional, so i guess i could start from there. But i dont think i would ever made it look like yours! i wanted to put that bar at the top which moves if you go down the page, but i never got to find out how. Could you email me the code, please? :D

    Thank you!! and good luck with this project!

    Facebook / Instagram /Twitter / Chicisimo / Bloglovin

    - Hannah's Heels

    1. Wow, thank you! Sure thing. I'll make sure to email it to you soon! (= x

  4. Can't wait for your future posts ;)
    it would be fun if we can follow each other. I followed you on GFC, hope you can follow back!


  5. Great blog dear!! I love its design!! Good luck!


  6. I'm excited to see your future posts! Don't sweat it school always comes first. I'm new to blogging so hopefully I will be able to learn coding eventually. I have been getting really frustrated as of late haha.


  7. Hey doll, I tagged you in the Liebster award if you're interested xx

  8. Your new blog layout is adorable! Good luck on the revival of your blog, can't wait to see what you post in the future! Following via GFC (:

    xo, Britnee
    The Model Cachet

  9. Great post! I'm following you on bloglovin hope you'll do the same :)

  10. I can't believe your age and how nice your blog is!
    I've nominated you to do the liebster award here: :)

  11. Looking forward to the content you have to offer & lovely layout. Would you
    like to follow each other via GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme
    know & keep in touch!