Friday, August 15, 2014

Monopods: Taking Selfies Just Got Better!

  So today I want to talk about something that brought hype to the Philippines-monopods! When my family and I went to the Philippines to have our vacation last April, I've noticed some people(mostly in groups) carrying around monopods and taking 'groupies'. Monopods have been popular since last year(I think), but I haven't gotten one until recently. So what's so good about a monopod?
  Well, this isn't your typical monopod; the one you use together with your handheld digicam because for this one, you'll be using your phone! So basically, Monopods are collapsible rods that are attachable to cameras(or in this case) phones for taking group photos(or selfies! just keep in mind people would definitely stare at you in public!). This is an essential item to bring with you to a group adventure like to a hike, a trek, or if you're sight-seeing! It's a guarantee you can capture the best moments of your trip at the same time capture the scenery behind you!

  The monopod that I have works well with both a Samsung and an iPhone. There's a switch  near the  bottom of the rod of my monopod which I can slide up(for IOS) and down(for Andriod) depending on which device I'll be using.

  This is like a little cradle where you put your phone! You're able to make adjustments so your phone would have a nice snug fit.You can tighten/loosen the grip and such with the easy-to-use screws.

  To open my monopod, I just  need to slide a switch at the bottom of the rod then a blue light will start to blink. Monopods also come with chargers. Above is what mine looked like. There's also a small button at the side of the mnopod which you can press to take the picture(I wasn't able to take a photo of it, unfortunately =( )

  Now the monopod is ready to connect to my phone via bluetooth! First off, I allowed access to the bluetooth of my phone, and then I connected to kjstar which is for some reason the name of my monopod. Now, we're ready to take photos! (There's a small button(also where my thumb is at) on the side that you can press to take the photos.)

Don't forget dem groupies!
That's really all I have to say! Hope you liked this week's post. Watch out for my next one! (= xx

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QOTW: What're your thoughts about monopods?


  1. Yes monopods are really helpful for groupies. But in my own experience, it's not effective on doubles or selfies. ;) I always hurt my arm taking selfies.. :P I have a new post you might want to visit sometime... ;) or d you mind following each other via Gfc of any other social medias? let me know alright!

    Cassie Thriftier

    1. It's not really practical for taking selfies imo. As I said it's best for bringing to travel adventures! (= Just visited your blog x

  2. Oh wow! what a good invention! thanks for sharing

    Jennos Health.

  3. This is such a great idea! I've just followed your blog on GFC :) Jenny x

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  7. This is a great idea!
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  8. That's a nifty invention. Nice post! :)

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  10. Great idea!

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  12. Love the idea!!