Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pin it, Do it: Herringbone Canvas Art

Are you familiar with this site known as Pinterest? I'm pretty sure you all know how the site works and such, so I won't go into detail. But lately, I've been obsessed with that site! I've just been searching non-stop for basically random things, but mostly I had my eyes on the DIY section. Seriously though, all the projects looked so fun to make, and it has inspired me to create a little series on here. Aaaaand, it's known as: Pin it, Do it! I know, I know-very original title. I've also been stalking(yes, stalking) a bunch of DIY-themed blogs lately, and some had this series, and they've also inspired me to start it. Since I'm no good at doing artsy-things, I figured I'd do a little twist on this series. In the end of every post, I'll be adding a score-card(check out the bottom of the post to see!). 

this would take seconds and is a super easy way to spruce up a mantle or something to put on top of a bedroom dresser. awesome!  DIY wall art
inspiration pin: [x]

Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Painter's Tape

This week, I tried to do this fancy looking canvas diy. It looked easy enough to do, so I gave it a try. Basically, I winged the color scheme, picking out random paints from my stash, and well, you saw the outcome. Since I didn't have painter's tape, I used duct tape instead(yay for resourceful Kyle!), and my hands hurt by the time I cut out like 40 strips of the tape. I also ran out of white paint, so I didn't get to finish the painting, hence why I took a photo only of one side of the painting.. I was literally laughing by the time I pulled out the duct tape after the white paint dried because the whole thing looked like a big failure. =)) Seriously, Pinterest makes everything look easy! Haha.

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