Friday, October 31, 2014

Mini Ikea Haul & #Currently

Last Hajj vacation, I went to Ikea and managed to grab a few things. This is a post long overdue, and I haven't been able to put up posts because I've been occupied with school works, but I'll try to blog as much as I can(*fingers crossed!*). In the meantime, I thought I'd include a little personal sort of tag that I'll probably start doing often.


Watching: I'm currently binge-watching Prison Break. I'm almost done with Season 2, and I'm really excited to finish the whole four seasons! The show premiered when I was just 5, and I actually remember that whenever I'd see my dad watching it on our tv during the years it aired, I'd stay away because I used to imagine myself being in a prison all the time, and then I'd get scared and start to panic! haha. But basically, I've been finding a bunch of tv series to marathon for the past few weeks on imdb, and I somehow landed on the Prison Break page. So, far I think season one is still my favorite, although a lot can happen in the next episodes so I reserve the right to take that back. (:

Reading: Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. It's for my English literature class, and I actually have to finish reading it tomorrow, and I haven't even started, always the procastinator! I should probably head on to reading it after this post(or not).

Happy About: being able to find the time to blog again. This blog is well over a year now, and I admit I lack the time to blog, but hopefully that'll change, and I'll be able to post often. (:

Stressing Over: how I'll finish reading Frankenstein in less than 20 hours, and also work on my Investigatory Project for my Chemistry class. I literally need to start being more organized. I'm the type of person who always puts off working up to the last minute, and sometimes I get the work done right, but most of the time I don't(mostly pertaining to school works). But really, am I the only one? haha. You'll probably see a post about procrastination in here! 

Loving: my Chemistry class. So far, I'm keeping up with the lessons and the discussions in our class, but the pressure is still on because it just keeps getting complicated. I do love a good challenge though. (: // Michael Scofield since the first season! haha. // the song Secrets by OneRepublic. 

Anticipating: I am most definitely highly anticipating reading In the Afterlight! It's the last book in the 'The Darkest Minds' trilogy by Alexandra Bracken. You can head on over here to know more about the book, just be careful while reading the reviews or you might get spoilers!  I usually read young-adult fantasy novels,  and this trilogy is easily my favorite series, and I know I haven't even read the third one!

I'd better start reading Frankenstein now. Adios!

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