Thursday, October 24, 2013

30 things to do when you're bored ♡

Harry Potter Marathon 
Hey people of the world! *waves to the world(or anyone reading this..)*

Last week was my school's Hajj vacation and it has come to my realization that sadly, I did not do much. I pictured myself really enjoying the one-week vacation, going to malls, go swimming, well, just doing anything that takes my mind off school. I ended up not going to the mall even once and I was stuck at home. My only pal was the wifi. So, what did I do for the rest of my vacation? Well. I watched marathons, chatted with my friends, read books and thought of ways on how I can make my vacation brighter and better. I really hated how I didn't get to come up with an idea to do so. So, here is a little list of things with what you can do to lessen boredom and brighten up your day. 

1. Movie Marathon, great way to waste time. Lets you catch up with your favorite tv show too!
2. Have a dance party with yourself, it's a dance craze!
3. Write a blog, like this one!
4. Learn how to fake an accent, hello mate!
5. Eat, eat.. just.. eat.
6. Read a book, or fall asleep while reading it.
7. Exercise, get rid of that extra fat!
8. Prank call people and tell them you're a potato
9. Do homework
10. Don't press here.
11. Go outside, get a rock, name it Pebbles
12. Make an imaginary friend
13. Sleep. all. day. long
14. Make dares with yourself
15. Act like a field investigator all day
16. Start a concert with no audience
17. Dress your puppy and start a runway fashion show
19. Sew a glove
20. Make a tire swing
21. Add random people on Facebook
23. Make a home video
24. Bake a cake, then sit on it.
25. Take a refreshing bath
26. Stalk celebrities online
27. Make theories on how the human race began
28. Put a message in a bottle then throw it far away
29. Write a song/story
30. Read the rest of my blog posts


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